Up to this day, we are the only barber shop turnkey concept in Quebec. Jack Steel Le Barbier is a young and dynamic brand specialized in hairdressing for men.


The hairdressing industry for men being in constant growth, we really want to give back to men a place that belongs strictly to them while proposing high quality services and products adapted to their needs.

The desire and enthusiasm of the franchisee to possess his own business combine with the experience of Jack Steel Le Barbier team as well as different standards implemented and in addition to the power purchase generated by Jack Steel Le Barbier collectivity will make of this adventure a success for everyone.

Our philosophy is simply, we treat each of our franchisees as a business partner!


Jack Steel Avantages program

Jack Steel Le Barbier, under the cash register system, possess a very attractive reward program for our customers. With cumulated points, discount on services, free products and more, this program helps retaining customers.


Each franchisee and employee receives various trainings. Whether on line, in salon, during seminars or conferences as well as when participating to owners meetings.


The Jack Steel Le Barbier marketing goal is to regularly and constantly convey the name and image of the franchise brand by using all available medias.

Management tools

Jack Steel Le Barbier build a platform specifically for its Members, called the dashboard. It is a sophisticated tool allowing its Members to gain in productivity and efficiency via management and customer service applications.


We help each of our franchisees to correctly develop their business and to protect the image of the brand. The Head Office coordinates each campaign including the production of promotional items.

Professional standards

Jack Steel Le Barbier implemented a series of standards in order to optimize efficiency in salons as well as the satisfaction of clientele. These high level standards assure the franchisee, an effective operation of the salon.

Power purchase

Jack Steel Le Barbier negociates directly with suppliers in order to offer its franchisees, a lower purchasing cost as well as various specials and promotion.

Cash register system

A perfect cash register system integrated to the industry reality, a simple and precise interface and an outstanding customization. Developed for Jack Steel Le Barbier, our cash registers are unique and high-performance.


Sending a newsletter to customers each month is a huge task. This is why our newsletter unit will do it for you with an awesome precision and efficiency. Subscription and unsubscribing management, opening and click statistics, etc. In resume, all the necessary tools are reunited under one solution for a good marketing campaign.


Customer management

Display the profile of your customers, their services background, Avantages program details, notes, purchase background and much more. A complete customer management tool perfectly integrated within your salon.

Inventory management

The complete salon inventory at the tip of your fingers in real time. Manage your stocks, quantities, orders, products available and in inventory. An easy management that allows you to save both time and money.

Hairdressing management

Take the lead of hairdressing via our simplified interface. Determine prices and duration depending on the desired hairdressing service/barber, manage both staff and work schedule and all that thanks to a clear visual interface that will facilitate your business administration.

Cash register system

A simple interface, infinite possibilities. That is basically our cash register system. Completely integrated to the structure of our franchise, the cash register system allows, among other things, to manage loyalty programs, integration of suppliers special offers and of course, hairdressing. Its conception assures a minimum time training in order to maximize your employees time.


Jack Steel franchisees benefit from a protected territory that guarantee them the exclusivity of the immediate region surrounding their salon. The area of these regions vary depending on demographic and territorial factors specific to each and constitute the most important points of the franchisee’s contract.

A good opportunity to start a business.

We are looking for people who are interested by hairdressing industry for man and who desire to participate to a network development.

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